Learning through Discovery

Discovery is the very basis of the how life evolves. We cannot expect children to be mute receivers. They need to be interactive learners and eager discoverers.

At GD Goenka La Petite, we ensure that education doesn’t become a barrier to your child’s growth, but rather the stimulus that enables your child to evolve into the creative, thinking, discerning, knowledgeable adult that he or she was meant to be.

By experience replaces by rote

We recognise that it is every child’s right to discover things for himself, rather than being force fed an educational diet that he cannot digest in his formative years.

We also recognise that each child is unique and has different learning needs and abilities. We do not put one child above the other, but regard them all equally in the light of uniqueness.

We also believe in providing sufficient exposure to learning that is imparted using the most creative process – the Montessori System, with due attention to Gardner’s Multi Intelligence Theory.


Sensory discovery over senseless information

We were given five senses, yet we fail to fully use them all. At GD Goenka La Petite, children are encouraged to celebrate life in all its varied dimensions by discovering things through the use of their senses.

A child thus develops on many levels, and grows into a multifaceted human being – not limited by knowledge that has been packed into an unyielding mind, but set free by limitless options to discover and learn something new each day.

Creativity in every aspect of the environment

At GD Goenka La Petite, your child will benefit from creatively designed classrooms, and teachers who care for each individual student. Our staff is specially trained and recruited only after careful assessment of their ability to bring out the best in a child. We go about our task with the care of one who plants a seed and nurtures the sapling with care, concern, and above all with a deep understanding of the fact that each child is different, and that each learns at a different pace. We do not believe in wielding authority, but rather in unleashing the freedom to grow, develop and acquire knowledge through a process of discovery.

You, as a parent, will enjoy seeing your child evolve as we unleash unlimited learning potential that will take him or her to a whole new level of academic excellence.